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We have taken the decision of closing our YouTube and LiveLeak accounts. This decision was taken because of two reasons: We’re still too small to make videos, instead we will focus on the website. And the second reason is that we were hacked.

Now we are working on coming back, and making this website much stronger to spread our message to every Iranian.

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Attempted military coup in Turkey

Mainstream media reported about of a coup going on in Turkey, as military had taken control over the country. Soldiers from all over the country began taking over important government buildings in major cities (especially in Ankara and Istanbul) on Friday night. Tanks had blocked off bridges in Ankara and other key cities like Istanbul for example. They had also taken control of several important news stations, such as CNN and TRT. The Air Force launched attacks against government buildings (the parliament building was destroyed) as well as the headquarters of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT). The National Intelligence Organization is involved in letting people join ISIS in Syria, as well as let ISIS soldiers from Syria cross into Turkey to give them aid, supplies, food and shelter.

Road blocked by the Turkish army

The attempted military coup was aimed at the regime of dictator Erdogan. The police had sided with the regime, and fought against the military and for Erdogan. So did a few hundred brainwashed Muslims, that acted exactly like ISIS: they tried to attack army tanks with sticks and screamed “Allah Akbar” all night. Some got violent and began killing soldiers, for their Jewish dictator Erdogan.

Turkish soldiers

The military had ordered the people off the streets, Erdogan instead ordered them onto the streets to save him.

The following morning it was announced that the coup had failed, and that those involved would be punished (killed or heavily tortured). Police and “the people” eventually threw the military out of the buildings that they had taken over. A helicopter was shot down over Ankara, and hundreds of people were lying dead on the streets.

The question remains: Were those really the people or the FSA/ISIS wanting Erdogan to stay in power because of his support for ISIS?
That makes you think, how did these few people even stop a military coup… Was it even a coup? Or was it staged by Erdogan to earn back the people’s trust? In other words, a false flag operation. The protector of the Turkish Nation who defeated the enemy that wanted civil war, repression and economic decline…
If this really was a coup, why did the soldiers surrender so quickly? And if this wasn’t a coup… Erdogan really has shown his people how much he loves them. He has strengthened his role as a dictator.

One thing is for sure, we will definitely see more events like this in the future. Erdogan can’t expect the Turkish people to take what he does: destroying Syria, killing innocent people, funding and working together with ISIS, and selling Turkey to Israel. Though, it is most likely that it was all staged by Erdogan; his popularity was declining and he became enemies with most nations (especially with Russia and Syria) – so something big had to happen so that people would forget about all that and he could come out as a hero and win back the people. The way it looks right now, it didn’t work very well. Most Turks are skeptical to this event, and believe it was all faked by Erdogan himself.

Only cowards surrender! You fight to the death!

Why even try to overthrow the government, if you aren’t ready to fight for the cause? What kind of weak military does that? Did they think it was going to be easy? No one dies, and they achieve victory in one night. If they did, the Turkish military is a joke!

According to new information, it really does seem like the whole thing was a hoax orchestrated by Erdogan, to give himself full power over Turkey and to get rid of antiregime soldiers in the military.

Why are we so sure? Because several sources have told us that the soldiers themselves (who had absolutely no leadership, and most of them were conscripts – meaning most of them were 18) have told the people that they thought it was a training exercise. That’s why they were shocked when they were getting beat up by the retarded people and police.

Join the National Socialist Party of Iran, the only party that really cares for Iran!

Javid Iran!

We’re Back!

Welcome back everybody!

We would like to apologize for the long time we were gone! We had internal problems and other things that came in between, which stopped us from posting articles.

We also would like to apologize to the hard working men and women who applied for a membership but never got anything back. We will work hard to add you as members as fast as we possibly can.

We also would like to announce that at the end of this month (June 2016), all articles that never got to be put on the website will be uploaded.

We will work harder than ever before! Persians never stop fighting!

Just look at the world today, the resistance movements are bigger than ever! Finally, we are getting closer and closer to freedom. Finally, the Jews are losing power. IT’S STOP WE WAKE UP AND FREE IRAN ONCE AND FOR ALL!


Climate Change Scam

Who hasn’t heard of global warming? The scary thing that will completely destroy the world we’re living in, and that we’re responsible for it.

CO2 doesn’t warm up the climate, it’s a lie the Jews have come up with to take our eyes off real problems – for example the Jews themselves. They never talk about the amount of chemicals in our nature, chemicals the Jews themselves have poured into the environment. They never talk about the poisonous waters full of plastic, mercury, lead and aluminum, instead they talk about “global warming” – like they really cared about nature. If Jews didn’t run the world, we wouldn’t have environmental problems.

They say the North Pole and the South Pole are melting and that there are satellite images that prove that… it’s funny because those pictures actually show that the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets are growing instead of decreasing in size.

The evidence they say they have is fake! They’re all paid “scientists”, “experts” and “teachers”. These people are brainwashed globalists that don’t care at all about nature.

The solutions: green energy, car restrictions, changing from fossil fuels to biofuel are actually doing more damage than good. For example, biofuel needs a vast of amount of land to get the same effect as a little bit of fossil fuels. Wind power kills birds, is loud, and destroys landscapes. Solar power is very weak, expensive and it’s proven that solar panels are carcinogenic (they give you cancer). Water power is a much better, but it unfortunately affects animals in the region, such as fish that get into the turbines and die. And the amount of water needed to get the turbines spinning, affects the environment around it.

We’re not against green energy or switching from fossil fuels to more environmentally friendly fuels, the problem is just that there isn’t a good solution for that yet. Until we find that solution, we will just have to continue using fossil fuels.

Another thing is that people use way too much energy. Why shower for 30 minutes, when we have a water issue in Iran? Why buy imported fruit or other fruit that require a lot of water when you can buy organic Iranian food that doesn’t need that much water. Apart from that, organic farming is water-efficient, something we need to have more of in Iran. One computer is enough for the whole family! You don’t need a TV, get rid of it. Stop tossing plastic into nature! Don’t through batteries into the street! Don’t waste food! Recycle by any means necessary!

Iranians have to learn these and many other things to get more energy-efficient. We don’t live in a rich, powerful and green nation – at least not yet! Iran isn’t America, so stop acting like them! Do you really need a new shirt every month or a white BMW/Mercedes? No you don’t! Live more modestly, always help your nation and take care of nature.

The fact that there is more carbon dioxide in the world atmosphere, doesn’t have to mean anything dangerous. Carbon dioxide comes from a lot different processes, the industry is just one of them. Carbon dioxide doesn’t affect world temperatures.

That climate change exists is not a lie. Nature changes all the time. The problem is that they say CO2 released by people makes climate change, which isn’t true. Natural climate change happens all the time, without us contributing. It’s nothing we can stop by not using cars anymore or eating more vegetables (because apparently meat is contributing to climate change). Don’t get us wrong though, eat more vegetables!

One very important thing to think of is that, there are several methods of weather control. Chemtrails being one of them (even though this one’s more of a theory), where planes would be releasing chemicals in the atmosphere which in turn warms up the climate, or makes it rain and so on. Weather control causes extreme events like earthquakes, droughts and floods for example – not global warming.

Since 1946 many countries have successfully changed the weather trough cloud seeding. To remove rain or snow. If you though it was over, oh no no… it still exist bigger than ever. The USA, Australia and China are using this method at a big scale level. China used this method a lot to prevent rain during the Olympics in 2008. The Soviet Union was also a big user. Look it up, this isn’t a conspiracy theory – it’s real, and it’s happening right now as we speak.

The United Arab Emirates has also been using cloud seeding since a few years back. This could explain what is going on in the parts of Iran near the Persian Gulf. Khuzestan has been having problems with dust storms, and less rains since a few years back. Ahvaz is Iran’s most polluted city because of the dust storms (and heavy industry). It could be the UAE causing these major problems. Weather modification is used in warfare, as in this case, against Iran for example by our Jewish enemies.

Here’s a picture that shows how it works:

Cloud seeding

Another way of weather control is through lasers from space, or the HAARP research facility. Electromagnetism is used there. It should be pointed out that not all of these “theories” are actually 100% proven, but in this crazy world run by Jews, everything could be true.

Jews blame climate change on us, when it’s them doing it! Weather control exists, and it’s only a matter of time until nature stops taking any more and fights back at an extreme level.

One should always remember that all these events started after 1945, after the Second World War. Never forget that!

Javid Iran!

Israel’s Hate On Iran

Ever since the Nuclear Deal went trough, Israel has been on Iran’s back 24 hours a day. They say that we have nuclear weapons, that we’re the greatest terror nation in the world, and so on. What is funny is that the Iranian regime now lets the UN enter Iran, for them to check all of our nuclear reactors and other places to see that the regime doesn’t produce any nuclear weapons. Even the USA and the European Union trust the UN’s judgement, the only “state” that doesn’t do so is Israel. They still say the regime is producing nuclear arms.

We, as national socialists know that this is pure bullshit. The Iranian regime never did produce any nuclear weapons, nor did they even think about it. The same thing happened with Iraq, Libya, Syria and so many more nations… Israel simply wants Iran to become its bitch (I’m sorry for my choice of words). Though, that will never happen! We’ll never stop fighting, we have existed for 10 000 years and we will exist for at least 10 000 more years. Javid Iran!

Also, we need to remember that what the Iranian regime is doing, is extremely stupid. They are letting agents from the UN enter Iran… who knows who these people are? They could be CIA, MI6 or Mossad agents, there to spy on our great nation. This is the first step for a war on Iran! This is what happens when a bunch of people with an IQ of 80, get to run our nation. They don’t think, they just act.

Israel doesn’t want the sanctions to be lifted, they want us to starve and die. That’s why they are “begging” the USA and the EU to put sanctions on us, once again. They use nuclear weapons as an excuse for that. That’s why we can’t trust the EU, USA, UN or any other organization, union, country and more in the world. Why? They are ALL controlled by Jews.

The Jews are the most hated people in Europe, especially in Greece, they are extremely hated in the Middle East and other parts of the world. People are getting more and more pissed off for every day that passes, unemployment is rising, people are losing their savings, their homes, their f***ing lives. Immigration is rising, racial riots are happening more often, people are finally waking up. The most sold book in Greece and Iran is… Mein Kampf. It is time that YOU finally join the National Socialist Party of Iran! We have gotten an increase in members, Iranians are waking up. It is time that YOU also wake up, because we don’t take easy on traitors – we punish them severely!

So, what are you – a traitor or a nationalist?

The Nuclear Deal

Most Iranians have probably noticed all this talk about the “Iranian Nuclear Deal” – as the Jewish media calls it. People in the streets of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and many more cities are cheering, thinking that we will get rid of the sanctions and become “friends” with all the other countries. PressTV calls it the deal of the century, saying that the Islamic Republic is going into the future.

It isn’t like that, this deal will kill us all! It will open up for trade and slowly the Islamic Republic will start to cooperate more with the Jews without even noticing, and after a few years the regime will start to support the USA in some of their “freedom operations” (divide and conquer operations). Then there will be demonstrations, no real ones of course, but instead demonstrations controlled by the CIA and Mossad. Those will then turn into a war, just like with Libya and Syria, which will destroy Iran once and for all and leave it just like Iraq – a desert.

In Libya, a similar thing happened in the beginning of the 2000s. Gaddafi signed a deal with “the West” and became “friends” with them, the sanctions were lifted and Libya could trade freely. Just 7-8 years later Libya was invaded and Gaddafi killed. The same thing is happening to Syria too. The exact same thing will happen to us, if this deal goes trough! Sure we will get a better economy and maybe some American weapons and technology – but is it worth it? For Iran to really become strong, power must be taken trough a revolution and the new government must only care about its own people. We don’t need foreign help and extensive trade to survive, we have what we need here in Iran. The rest can be imported, and everybody wants to trade with a strong nation – don’t forget that.

My point is that cheering for this deal is retarded, because at the end it will result in Iran becoming like Syria or Libya. So if you have to cheer, cheer for us! We will get rid of the Islamic Republic – the right way. We will free you from the hijab, and give you freedom and a great economy – not the Jews.

Javid Iran!

GMOs in Iran

Genetically modified organisms seem to have reached Iran as well. The Jewish invention that can take down the whole world, and probably will, if nobody does something. Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are a crime against nature and should be avoided at all cost. Basically, GMO means changing the genetics of animals, food, cotton and many more. You would think it’s safe, but in reality it’s really dangerous. GM food has killed so many people in so many countries, it gives you cancer, changes your genetics and never actually leaves your stomach. That’s the truth, many studies have shown that GM food can’t actually be digested, your stomach acid isn’t strong enough to break the food down. So there is a big chance that you could have a big piece of genetically modified corn in your stomach right now. But studies have also shown that people who change to 100% organic food can actually restore their health back to normal and get rid of the GM leftovers in their stomach. That’s why it’s important for Iranians to only eat organic food, especially for those who live abroad, as food grown in Iran usually has better quality since people here don’t add that much crap to their food as compared to the United States for example.

It is with great anger that we have to announce that genetically modified cotton has officially been approved to be grown in Iran, even though cows in India for example have died from eating it. The article can be read here on PressTV:

Good food is very important for us! You can’t raise a healthy and strong middle class without good food. Therefore we have made this a top priority, and added a new point to our Party Program:

“Genetically modified organisms are strictly prohibited. They are considered a crime against nature and therefore anybody involved with GMOs will be executed.”

Eat well, work out and fight for National Socialism! Javid Iran!

We would like to announce that we won’t let anyone join our party that consumes GM food or has anything else to do with GMOs. The same goes for stem cell research and cloning. It’s absolutely forbidden!